Online photography classes

Online photography classes

Improve your photography from home

These online classes are live and one to one. A wide range of topics will be discussed depending on your needs starting from camera settings to image framing. I will show you some sample of my photos and I will explain to you how I did to achieve them. The advantage of having an online live lesson are many. For example you won’t need to search what you are looking for as you will just have to ask and I will give you the solution. As I am mainly a photographer, though I also teach photography, all my teachings will be focused in order to transmit to you my vision and photography style. I will be happy to teach you my technique for street photography but we could also cover other topics as landscape photography or how to make a story. Once your photographic skills are improved we could also cover the use of Lightroom or Photoshop to archive and retouch your images.

The platform used for the classes is Zoom. Once the booking is done I will send you a link which will take you to our class.

Below the topics that can be covered during our lessons.

Shutter speed basics
Shutter speed effects
Aperture basics
Depth of field
Hyperfocal distance and manual focus (for manual focus lenses)
Camera settings
Manual exposure
Zone system
Highlight alert
Long exposures on a tripod
The use of flash for event/reportage photography
External flash for portrait photography

On the field:
Street photography techniques
Natural light
Using direct sun and deep shadows for theatrical effects
Framing in order to give power to the subject
Sunrise and sunset light

How to make a story
Choosing the project
Planning and organizing the project
Making a visual story
Selecting and sequencing the images
Archiving and postproduction
Importing images
Organizing your images
Image retouching


60 minutes session: 60€ one participant

Any additional participant: 30€

Special price for groups of 6 or more frineds: enquire for prices