FAQ about wedding photography

In this section you will find all the information needed for wedding photography

What is your style?

This, of course, is the most important question as my style will give an imprint to the pictures of your wedding. It isn't easy for me to define my style as everyone takes diffrent pictures, even within the same kind of photography. Let's say that I am a reportage photographer and make stories for magazines. This is how I take pictures: spontaneus, natural and generally not posed. When you will receive the pictures you will live the wedding day again, from beginning to end. I will take your portrait and the family portrait as I know you want to remember your day with them but I will spend 90% of the time moving around, unnoticed, looking for gestures, images that can tell a story. If you have specific needs, during the day, you can call me at any time and I will be there to take the photograph you want. Normally, I prefer to work with another professional photographer for a wider (for example one can photograph the bride while the other one can photograph the groom)  coverage of the event but if you have specific needs I can work alone.

How many photographs will you give us?

Depending on the situation, the lenght of the wedding and the number of photographers I would normally give you between 400 and 600 unretouched pictures to choose from. At the end you will receive 80 images professionally retouched, 40 choosen by me and 40 choosen by you. I do take part in the selection as I want to give you the best story possible but you will choose 40 images to be retouched as they may be very important to you and I could not be aware of that. If you want you can choose more that 40 images but from the 41st up there will be an additional cost of 4€ per image. I will personally retouch all your images as I am the photographer and I am the only perosn who knows how I want the images to look. As we previousely talked about style, the retouching is not less important than the way an image has been taken!

Will you give us an album?

Normally, I would send you the final images ready for printing by internet. You will receive a link from where you can download them.I will send you the 80 high res professionally retouched images plus the unretouched ones but in a smaller size, jpg 300dpi 20x30cm. If you would like to have your images printed on a book I can provide that, please contact me and I will give you the details.

What is the cost for the photography of the wedding?

It really depends on how many photographers you need, the lenght of the wedding and how many images you choose to be retouched. Please get in touch with me and I will send you an hestimate at the soonest.

Can you make portraits of our guests?

Yes, I can provide a small portrait studio on location. This could be nice to entertain the guests for half an hour, taking the portrait of each of them in a cool way. After the wedding you can send to each of them the portrait taken during your wedding. I use three studio flashes which I set up beforehand so that they will be ready once we get on location.

Where are you based?

I am based in Montepulciano, Tuscany, but this doesn't limit my area of action. I would be glad to move out of my area to photograph your wedding!

More questions?