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"Thank you for looking at my photographs and for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I will do my best to tell your story! "

My thoughts about wedding photography

I would like to start with a few things about myself as they really shaped my photography style. I have been working - and still do - as a reportage photographer and travelled around the world mainly covering social issues and other topics related to the human being. I travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo three times, Chad, Sumatra, Cuba and many other places and what I really love about this job is that it allows me to get in touch with different cultures and people. In order to do a reportage you have to understand and deeply respect other people, you have to be as unnoticed as possible when taking pictures and most of all you have to tell their stories. Their true stories. You have to be honest with others and yourself. All these qualities, I reckon, apply to any kind of photography. In fact, also and especially to wedding photography. If you think this is what a wedding photographer should be, please get in touch, I would be very honoured to photograph your big day! Thank you for having the patience to read my words and I look forward to hearing from you!


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